luxury stone countertops



We start by meeting with the general contractor and/or design team at the job site to assess the space and discuss the design preferences and requirements. Cabinets must already be set in order for us to take precise measurements and create a template for the new countertops. Once we have all of the details, we can create a project quote.

After approval of the project quote, we will order the stone slabs or use what we have in stock to begin the fabrication process. Using advanced equipment and techniques, we cut and shape the stone slabs according to the job specifications. We pay close attention to detail, from precise cutting and polishing the edges to incorporating any requested decorative elements.


The final step is the installation of the new stone countertops. We will schedule an install date and arrive equipped with all the necessary tools. With precision and care, we secure the countertops in place, make necessary adjustments for a perfect fit, and seal them for protection.  After completing the installation, we always tidy up the work area.


custom counter top fabrication + installation

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